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The Community operates on our private discord server. Discord is a powerful application that allows creators to share information and content in an organized and secured way with members.

Stocks and Options Trading Plans

  • Wither you are a momentum day trader, swing trader or investor we have specific trading plans and guidance on trading stocks and options bull or bear markets. 

  • A weekly market sentiment outlook report and breakdown of important events on the calendar.

  • Weekly zoom office hours for lifetime members to discuss trades, chart patterns, key price levels to watch on indices, ETFs and prices to target.

Analyzing Graphs

Crypto Currencies and

The NFT Marketplace

  • Detailed crypto trading plans and guidance for both short and long term investments.

  • Weekly crypto market analysis breakdowns with videos. 

  • Extensive research on NFT markets and preparation for the next wave.

Artificial Intelligence

and Quant Bots 

Our private online server is broken down into the following segments:

  • Trading Floors: Stocks, Options, Crypto 

  • Educational Floors: Financial Markets, Crypto Currency Markets and Real Estate Markets

  • AI Bots Channels: Golden Sweeps, Unusual Activity, Quant Bots and Blue Chip Alerts

  • Active Moderator channels with trading plans and alerts for their different styles

  • Joint Venture Protects: NFT Marketplace, Crypto Mining, Real Estate Properties  

Business Meeting

Trading Course

Whether you are a person looking to get started in the markets or an experienced trader, our 12 week program will take your skills to the next level; with a set course structure, live weekly lessons and a dedicated team of educators.

Joint Ventures 

We are constantly researching and exploring ways to diversify our assets to create passive income.

Whether it is via crypto mining, NFT collections or the real estate market, we look at our life time members as business partners with the primary objective being building generational wealth

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