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Ceni Capital was founded as a way to foster a community of like-minded individuals and empower them to create long term wealth by capitalizing on shorter term investments.

Our Expertise

We look to first help members understand proper risk management and educate themselves on the tools available in each market to help create consistent profits while minimizing losses. By doing such from the beginning traders avoid common market mistakes and save both time and money in the long run.  

Our Commitment

Building lifelong relationships by earning our clients trust and confidence with the ultimate goal of creating generational wealth. We look at our lifetime members more as business partners .

Our Philosophy

Trading the financial markets is among the most challenging of human endeavors. At its best, trading is a celebration of the human mind's capacity to master complexity. In mastering the markets, we are called upon to exercise extraordinary self-mastery- like any noble undertaking, such as art, science, or athletics, trading is a means of self-development, nurturing the ability to act intentionally, in the service of one's training and ideals.

Our Experience

Throughout our 18 years, we've developed a level of mastery that is uncommon immersing ourselves into markets because it is truly what we love and are passionate about. Living and breathing in an environment that is constantly evolving one must cultivate positive habit patterns so that they can be followed without effort, preserving mental capital for analysis and decision-making.

Modern Office with Cityscape

Meet the Team



Lead Stocks Trader and Educator 

Spent 18 years in Corporate Finance and Commercial Banking; educating and guiding clients on the importance of cash flow management to grow their businesses and qualify for credit facilities to expand. 

Have been a stocks investor and trader for

over 15 years. In 2019, left the corporate world to manage my own assets and teach others. I have several proven strategies from trail and errors and understanding my strengths and weaknesses. I wanted to teach so new traders could avoid the devastating pitfalls I experienced, and become disciplined traders from the start. 

Trading Styles:

- Day Trading high momentum stocks and


- Swing trading or short-term investing in stocks and options both long and short depending on market conditions and specific chart patterns.   

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day but teach a man to fish and you feed him and his family for a lifetime."

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Lead Options and Crypto Trader - Educator 


Spent a decade in Finance working my way up to Private Wealth Management. Specialized in helping clients develop business plans to successfully build and grow their businesses via multiple products and credit services to vastly improve their cashflow. After years of helping clients businesses grow I decided to leave corporate America to start my business in 2019 along with manage an investment property.


I firmly believe in creating structure and following proper risk management to secure consistent profits. 

Trading style:

- Momentum Day trading options, stocks and crypto.

- Swing or short term investing in options, stocks and crypto.

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Mike Nunez 


Marketing Director 

My passion for turning nothing into something coupled with my appetite for risk and curiosity for the financial markets lead me to Ceni Capital. 


I currently serve as an Assistant Vice President to a Commercial Banking firm in NY. I have 7 years experience in the financial services industry and am a prime example that it is possible to have a career and still trade the markets. I enjoy following the markets daily and studying for intriguing setups.  

Trading Style:

Swing trade based on specific weekly and monthly chart patterns

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Joshua Luna 


Marketing Associate

Full-time Project Manager for a construction management company for the last 6 years. Have experience in every sector of construction from building a 34-story residential building, to being a part of the purchasing team for the highest budgeted commercial building in New York City (50 Hudson Yards), to building a healthcare facility during the pandemic.

I have been trading options for the last 3 years with an aggressive trading style.

Trading Style: 

I focus on a basket of set blue chip stocks with high volatility that I have studied and analyzed their price action and pivots points.   

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